12 Awesome Things Travellers Should do in Their Lifetime

If you’re an avid traveller, you probably already have a bucket list or some other idea of what you want to achieve with your travelling life. Many travellers add to their bucket list as they travel so they can be flexible, some like to stick to a rigid plan. Some people want to relax on the world’s nicest beaches, while others want to explore the jungle. Whichever category you fall into, these 15 things should be considered by all travellers! It’s impossible not to have an amazing time if you follow this advice.


Explore on a Bike

If you’ve never explored the places you visit on a bike, you’re missing out. You can do this in many of the major big cities, and it’s such a fun way to make your way around and find great things to do. Amsterdam is known as ‘bike town’, so I’d definitely recommend renting a bike if you’re travelling there or somewhere close by. It isn’t just Amsterdam though, so keep an open mind and burn some calories while you’re at it!


Live Like the Locals

Instead of just being the same old you in a brand new town, live like the locals. Pick somewhere you’d like to stay for a while and enjoy their culture. Do your research beforehand, so you know what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Dress like them, act like them, and interact with them. Make sure you’re respectful of their country and act how you’d expect them to act in yours You won’t regret it!

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Learn the Language

If you’ve never learned a language or some basic phrases from a place you’re visiting, you could be hindering the time you have. You could have a much enhanced experience if you just learn a few phrases to have a basic conversation. You might learn things you would never have learned otherwise, and been able to explore places you didn’t know existed.


See the Northern Lights

You can’t travel around the world and never see the Northern Lights.  This experience is so magical, it should be on every traveler’s bucket list! The fluorescent lights almost look like they’ve been powered by neon bulbs. You’ve never seen anything like it.


Teach English in a Foreign Country

Teaching English in a foreign country can change your whole experience when it comes to travelling. Not only can it help to fund your lifestyle, it can be very rewarding and help you to have an enhanced time. It isn’t for everybody, but you should consider it all the same.


Visit the Gravesite of Somebody You Think is Important

Everybody has their own ideas of who is important and who isn’t. You might want to see a famous actor, a painter, or musician. Just make sure that you visit the gravesite of somebody who you consider to be important as you travel.


Just Observe Life

Instead of making a plan for the day and going out to try to fill it, observe life for a day or two. Just relax. Go out and aim to get a real feel for the place you’re visiting. Watch how people go about their daily lives. Watch how they interact with one another. Let it enlighten you. Live in the present moment and enjoy the place you’re in at this moment.


Step Foot on 7 Continents

Stepping foot on 7 continents is another exciting achievement that travelers of all kinds should aim for. You can do this in just 3 trips if you plan it carefully. Don’t worry; a travel agent or even a site can help you to plan your trip so you don’t need to put in too many hours of planning time.


Travel Alone

Travelling alone is liberating. Sure, it’s nice to travel with somebody else. Yes, you might feel a little lonely. But the good times will pretty much outweigh all of the bad times. You’ll meet people you never would have met otherwise, and create friendships for life. You’ll get a sense of freedom that you didn’t realise was possible. You can let go of all of your fears and insecurities. You mustn’t let fear control your life! You’ll really get to know yourself and feel able to explore other parts of your personality that you hadn’t explored before. You will never regret travelling alone so long as you take every step necessary to stay safe.

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Become a New You

Oftentimes, we can neglect our best self because of the everyday routine we must keep up. While travelling, you can become a new you. You can become more positive, happier, and accomplished. You’ll soon begin to realise what an amazing person you are, if you hadn’t already. Leave your old, boring, grumpy self behind and create a new, more fulfilled, exciting you!


Leave the Online World Behind

The online world can be all consuming, and it can take over people’s lives. Why not go travelling and just forget the world? Turn off your phone, and don’t check Facebook. Of course you can speak to your loved ones, but don’t check your emails. Just forget that anything else exists other than you and the amazing place you’re in right now. How incredible is that?


Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the land. You should definitely swim and snorkel there when you’re in the area – it must be in your plans, right? If it isn’t get it in there pronto! Take some lessons if you need them and then make the most of being able to explore such a famous place. The sea life and creatures will amaze you!


You can call yourself a real traveller when you’ve done the above things on this list. If you think something has been missed from the list, please leave a comment to let our readers know. Everybody has their own ideas of what must be done! Thanks for reading and have an awesome time on your travels!



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