5 Places for Your Itinerary on a Holiday in India

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The state of Rajasthan is also known as the ‘Land of Kings’ and it’s easy to see why, it hosts some of the country’s most extravagant palaces, forts, majestic temples and fantastic architectural monuments. As you wonder around you will sense the lurking presence of strong traditions; from swaggering moustaches, heavy silver anklets to bright yellow or red turbans and pleated veils and mirror-inlaid saris.

Some of the most interesting cities in this area include the ‘Pink City’ Jaipur with its stunning red painted palaces and the ‘Blue City’ Jodhpur an ancient walled town with its numerous blue colored cubic houses.


It is a paradise of pristine coral lapped by bluish greenish waters on the Arabian Sea forming an exotic archipelago where romantic fantasies come true. This is the perfect place for a paradise wedding abroad or to escape on a honeymoon for some luxury. The island is sparsely inhabited and it makes it ideal for honeymooners to enjoy strolling on the beaches under swaying palm trees without disturbance as they explore the lagoons and enchanting coral reefs. Whether you’re celebrating nuptials or just want to enjoy a luxury escape in India, the Lakshadweep Islands should be on your itinerary.


Delhi is the capital of India and presents a curious mix of the old and the new India. It is bustling with human activities and its unique past meets present outlook creates fascinating nooks and crannies that will make you curious to wander around.

In the old Delhi you will come across the impressive red fort and the dominating Jama Masjid Mosque built by the Mughals. On the other hand the New Delhi was built by the Britons and is spacious and lined up with boulevards: the Rajpath is probably most grandiose construction designed by Britons but with Mughal columns. The South of Delhi you will be fascinated by the ancient ruins notably the Qutb Minar contrasting beautifully with the modern developments around. All areas are full of places to stay, but Le Meridien Delhi is a stand out choice to explore the city.


Coorg lies on the Western Ghats and is mystically charming with its massive green landscape filled with intoxicating fresh fragrance from orange trees, coffee plantations, black pepper, anthurium flowers and cardamoms. The tons of fresh air, rolling misty hills and the air of tranquility will not only help a couple to relax after the struggles of planning the wedding but will also leave them immensely invigorated and ready to start life together. Unlike other places this place is not crowded; in fact the town is one-way-traffic so moments of privacy are uninterrupted.

It is great to stay in the spacious homes where you will enjoy home cooked meals and savor the goodness of the spice-filled Coorg cuisines.


The capital of Kashmir and Jammu is a tempting destination for honeymooners; its lush valleys, high mountains, sparkling lakes and breathtaking sceneries make it an ideal place for couples to start life together. The extensive pine forests, charming rivers, lofty glaciers and pleasant all year weather add to the magic of this paradise.

The house boats on Dal Lake are charming and luxuriously furnished to make your honeymoon sweet and memorable; you will enjoy the spectacular views of the snow capped mountains and feel the exotic handmade fabrics and carpets lined up in your boathouse.




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