5 Reasons to go on sports tours


Going on a sports tour, like rugby tours, is a great way to experience the thrill of playing sport in a completely new setting, whilst also experiencing the local culture of a new place. It doesn’t matter what level you play your sport at, for many this is the experience of a lifetime. So read on to find out just some of the reasons that sports tours are so popular and also so rewarding.

They are organised

With everything organised for you there really is nothing to think about apart from playing. This adds to the professional atmosphere of the tour and really helps you to focus on the purity of your chosen sport. This is exceptionally useful, especially when you don’t have to think about booking things in foreign countries and you may not have connections that can help you. Tour organisers have many connections and may get special deals for things like accommodation, flights, transfers and other things.

Get inspired

Playing sport in other countries can really lift your level and how you view your chosen sport. This is generally the case because people experience different styles of playing sport and different levels of dedication in motivation. A great example of something like this would be playing rugby in different countries, for example in England, New Zealand or Australia.

New countries

Being in a new country is always a thrilling experience and sports tours are a great way to experience doing what you love with your team. The new countries mean that you also have a chance to explore local tourist attractions and living a life that is somewhat similar to many professional players.

Experience sporting culture in another place

Sporting cultures vary from place to place, and it is great to have a perspective about how others play it. This is especially the case with enthusiasm, tactics and other small elements of the game that you may not notice playing in your own neighbourhood or country.

Food and drink

One of the biggest advantages of going on a sports tour is that you can experience the local cuisine of the place you are visiting. In an ideal situation this could be several different places, with many different specialties for you and your team mates to enjoy.


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