6 Top tips for travelling in France  

France is a beautiful country for the wide eyed traveller. History, architecture, fashion and food are amongst some of the many things the French are globally renowned for and you’ll discover this all over France. From the north to the south of France, beauty and culture will surround you. If you’re heading off the see the sights and sounds of France, we’ve put together a list of top tips for you to read before you go.


6 Top tips for travelling to France

  1. Learn the language

The French are proud people – and rightly so. They have a beautiful language and culture and so you should honour this by learning even a few common words and phrases to help you out. In general, English is spoken relatively well in France and this is especially true in city areas which attract a lot of tourism. With that said, it is polite to make an effort and in general, the French people will appreciate this effort. If you don’t try to make the effort with the language (even just a few words), you may find communication a little tricky.

  1. Wrap up warm

The south of France is generally warmer than the north of France, but make no mistake about it – it can get breezy at night and this is especially true if you are travelling in spring or autumn. A coat and some layers will serve you well, even in the summer.

  1. Take public transport

Instead of travelling by car, consider public transport. In general – French public transport is good, cheap and usually the most effective way to get around. Trams and trains are excellent and the buses are usually quite good too. Although the taxi and cab services are frequent, especially if you are visiting Paris, be warned, it is very, very expensive.

  1. Try all the food

The French are famous for their exquisite food and their chefs and food heritage has shaped the modern cuisine of countries all over the world, so we advise that you try something new when visiting France. You may think you don’t like something, but you haven’t had it the French way. Try things that may not sound delicious or even look like it will please your taste buds, you’ll be surprised.

  1. See the city and the country

If you are thinking about travelling around France, by all means see the bright lights of Paris, Nice and Marseille but don’t miss out on the beautiful French countryside. From the cliffs of Normandy to the French Alps – you’d be crazy to miss the opportunity to explore here.

  1. Experience the French Garden

Serenity, peace and beauty are epitomised in Loire Valley. Escape to what is often called “The Garden of France” and explore the beautiful vineyards which are scattered along the length of Loire Valley. Explore the wine by embarking on a vineyard tour and learn to differentiate the floral aromas of Savennières from the fruity Vouvray.

Whatever your plans for France, the fine wine, beautiful food and unforgettable sightseeing experiences will ensure that you will only ever be left wanting more of the beautiful country. Bring a phrase book, wrap up warm and go exploring, you won’t regret it…Bon Voyage!


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