A wanderer’s guide to the Philippines

This group of 7,000 islands in South East Asia is a traveler’s paradise. The islands have a diverse environment, ranging from rainforests and jungle in the interior to the bustling towns on the islands of Luzon and Mindanao.

Street in Manila


For visitors who like relaxing during their travels the Visayas are the perfect destination. This group of Philippine islands is famous for long white beaches and it’s easy to hitch a ride from island to island, courtesy of ferries or the local fishermen’s craft, the bangka. Cebue is one of the most populated islands in the Philippines; Cebue City is the capital. It is well worth exploring the surrounding countryside and heading off the beaten track. Rental cars are easy to find in the city and it is then a simple matter, for those who are really looking to discover the beauty of the islands, to head 90km south to Moalboal, which is famous for its magnificent White Beach. This also provides the ideal opportunity to meet local Filipinos, as well as the ubiquitous back packers. Sunday is the best day to visit for those who are in search of a beach party. Another attraction in Moalboal is its beautiful orchid farm.



The islands’ capital has a reputation, like all big cities, for overcrowding and noise, but for visitors who wish to explore, this exuberant city has a whole feast of delights, just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are only passing through the city for 1 night or decide to settle down for few days, you will be able to easily find a cheap hotel room in the center of Manila, close enough to the main attractions. This will allow you to explore the city without lumber and enjoy your stay. The National Museum of the Filipino People is a perfect introduction to the diversity of the islands. Anyone interested in anthropology will find this to be a fascinating collection. For peace and quiet, The Casa Manila is a house built by Imelda Marcos, which has been constructed to reproduce the style of living enjoyed by the Spanish from the time they ruled the Philippines. The Spanish language is still used in the islands today.



Situated to the west of Luzon lies Mindoro and for visitors looking for a little solitude, away from their fellow travelers, this is the place to visit. The north coast is relatively popular and Sabang is famous for its diving facilities; the island is divided into Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental by a precipitous mountain range. Most of the activities in this part of the Philippines center around water based sports. With its beautiful beaches and clean waters this really is a perfect destination.


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