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It’s always great to have all of the things that you are interested in gathered in one place, thankfully I have been using the latest platform to do this. Walltik is a fantastic new platform that allows people all over the world to share content that they have either created or found online. This means that you do not have to trawl through endless search results trying to find online content that you are interested in.


After I signed up, which is super easy by the way, I was asked to select the content that I am interested in. There is an endless list of interests to choose from, of course my first choice was travel! Now when I click on my travel interest tab I am greeted with a huge list of content for me to read, the content is wither on the site or links to an external site. The travel content I can read right now varies from blogger’s content to business websites, the articles can be anything from Valentine’s day travel ideas to the best things to do in Buenos Aires. I will soon be adding content myself, it’s great to have a platform where I can read what interests me, comment on it and share it with other users around the globe. With the chat feature, TellMe, users are able to choose which users they share their favourite content with, this means that you don’t have to share it with the whole world if you don’t want to. Having so much relevant content at my finger tips is truly fantastic, this is the best platform out there right now. What I really loved about the site is that it is so user friendly and also constantly updated to suit your needs. After I had signed up Walltik recommended other interests that might suit me, it recommended sport and music which I of course selected straight away. It really does feel like this site is user focused and they have made every effort to make sure that you will have a great experience.

Another huge plus about the site is that you do not have to only choose the interests that Walltik already has listed, you are free to create your own interest. I will soon be creating my own interest as well, something unique that I love and want other people to enjoy. Once you create your new interest you will be able to add content of your own and also things that you have found online, who knows you could be the one to create a new interest that others love and therefore post content as well. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Walltik yet then I highly recommend that you head there very soon, there’s no need to look anywhere else for content that interests you. So, join the community now and start sharing the things that you love!


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