An Unforgettable Day in Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish Customs, Culture, and Castles

Stockholm, Sweden is known for its beautiful architecture, bountiful water, style, and extreme livability.  A cruise to the beautiful city is only the beginning of an extraordinary vacation.

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Stockholm was founded in the 13th century as a strategic defense post to protect Sweden from invaders, and was historically tied to the iron and timber trades. Located on the southeast coast of Sweden, Stockholm sits at the mouth of Lake Mälaren, on 14 islands. Today, modern green buildings mix with medieval architectural masterpieces, and become the setting for this exciting global metropolis.

Stockholm also has one of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world, making it quick and easy to get around to everything you’d want to experience in a single day. Consider getting a Stockholm Card for the day, which gets you free admission to virtually all of the museums and castles around the city, as well as free use of fast and easy public transportation.


Confluence of Culture

Stockholm has a daunting amount of attractions to experience, so it’s a good idea to go in to the city with a plan. Art lovers can rejoice, as Stockholm boasts one of the most museum-rich urban centers in the world, along with strong gallery and street art scenes.

More than most great cities of the world, Stockholm’s architectural sense has always been incredibly diverse. Beginning in the 16th century and continuing today, many of the city’s buildings have been designed by foreign architects, or by domestic designers that are heavily informed by their travels and studies abroad.


The Castles and Palaces of Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm and its surrounding areas have some of the most amazingly diverse and breathtaking castles and palaces in the world. It’s a good idea to spend the first part of the touring day visiting them. Start with the Royal Palace in Stockholm (built from 1730-1830 on the site of Sweden’s famous Tre Kronor castle), which houses the Royal Family. Then head out to Rosendal Palace for an exquisite example of Swedish Empire style.

Ulriksdal Palace, located in the Royal National City Park, was built in 1644. After you visit the interior of the royal residence, be sure to explore the magnificent gardens surrounding the palace, and if you have time, spend a few moments exploring the adjacent forest.

King Adolf Fredrik built the Chinese Pavilion to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Queen Lovisa Ulrika, in the 1750’s. Designed to mix elements of the East with western Rococo style, the pavilion is located on the grounds of Drottningholm Palace, and continues to be an official royal residence.  


Dining in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden has recently been garnering a reputation as one of the great dining cities in Europe, so take advantage of your time there to treat yourself to a world-class culinary experience. At the end of an amazing day spent visiting castles and culture, finish the evening with something extra special. Among over 1,000 restaurants in Stockholm, there are an impressive eight Michelin-rated restaurants within the city.


Board a Viking ocean cruise to Stockholm and discover all that the city has to offer.  Stockholm is just one dream vacation away.



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