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As our parents reminisce about the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix in their heydays, and bemoan the fact that live music has lots it’s soul, it’s all too easy for us to sit back and accept their criticism. However, despite the fact that there’s more money in music now than ever, the theory that music has changed for the worst is simply not true.

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We’re in an era where a select few superstars can command a crowd like never before, transcending their niche and garnering mainstream love from across the media and the globe. Live music has never been stronger, so check out these three stars as our three best music acts from around the world:

Justin Timberlake

Ever since the days he curled his hair and bleached it a questionable yellow, girls have been screaming for Justin Timberlake. However, through hard work and talent Justin has managed to transform his demographic from 14-year-old screaming girls to people of all ages. Women want him; guys want to be him. It’s a tough act to pull off but Justin does it with ease.

His breakout album, Justified, went multi-platinum but rather than resting on his laurels he switched his genre again and approached a post-modern ‘swinging’ style, which again dumbfounded the critics. Result? Multi-platinum album again. Since then Justin has starred in Hollywood blockbusters, married an A-lister and captivated audiences with his live acts from Delhi to Detroit.

One Direction

Well, well, well. One Direction were hashed together on Simon Cowell’s X Factor program in the UK, and they didn’t even win; however, they were due to go on and achieve what no one could have predicted. The British and Irish five set have broken records every time with people now claiming that they’re officially ‘bigger than the Beatles’. And with their sales figures, it’s tough to argue.

Their live shows perfectly marry young teen pop with fun, upbeat choreography and it’s difficult not to take to the guys. They’ll be here for a long time to come, so jump on the 1D bandwagon!


It’s difficult to truly appreciate just how big U2 actually are. But with Bono’s net worth around $1 billion USD that gives us a little bit of an idea. U2 have been filling full stadiums since 1976 and show very few signs of slowing down.

Hailing from Ireland, they started out with post-punk but quickly bridged the gap to mainstream pop, and the rest is history. They’ve won 22 Grammy awards and sold more than 150m records worldwide, those numbers are impossible to dispute, U2 were, are and will be the biggest band in the world.

So there we go folks. We might have missed out the Beatles, have to make do with the Rolling Stones pensioner tours and never saw Bob Marley in his day, but all is not lost. There’s still world-class talent to be found, you just have to be selective.


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