Bucket List on A Budget? You Bet.

Looking longingly through your Instagram feed, dreaming of far flung destinations and exotic getaways, life can seem so unfair some times. There’s just no way you can afford the kind of trips that everyone else seems to be on. How do they do it??

We all have a list of dream destinations, or amazing activites, that one day we plan to address. Although that day never seems to come. However, don’t lose hope folks. We’re here to help.

First of all, before you draw up Bora Bora and the Maldives on your bucket list, let’s think about where we can actually afford to go. There are plenty of world class destinations waiting that won’t require a trip to the bank manager, so we’ve drawn up a list of FOUR bucket list destinations that won’t leave you paying off credit card bills for the rest of the year:


A) Angkor Wat; Cambodia

One of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat is said to be the most impressive temple complex on the whole planet, and with a ticket entry costing around $30 you’re all set. Not only that, Cambodia as a tourist destination offers so much to any and every traveler. Check out the history of Phnom Phen, lounge in the free beaches at Sihanoukville, or venture east and make your way through the ‘real’ Cambodia on towards Vietnam. Guest houses can cost as little as 10 bucks a night, and if you’re feeling flash, a boutique hotel can run as cheap as $30 – perfect.

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B) Goa and the Taj

The most cultural trip of your lifetime is awaiting you in the Sub Continent and it won’t cost a bomb to enjoy. First head to arguably the finest piece of archetecture the world has ever seen – the world renowned Taj Mahal, in all its splendor – 20 bucks entry is a snip. Venture to Delhi and take a train down south the India’s premier beach hitspot, Goa. The train price again is around twenty USD, and once you arrive in Goa, you can spend, save or splurge as little or as much as you want, starting from five bucks a night – madness.

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C) Inner China – Shangri La and Guilin

Whilst Bejing and Shanghai are moderately priced, if you venture inland your money will stretch a lot further, AND you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful landscapes on offer in Asia. First of all start off in Tibetan flavoured Shangri La, get lost in the mountains and imagine a world before consumerism, before celebrity worship and before iPhones bothered us all day long. Once you’ve fully detached, head south to China’s most spectacular landscape – Guilin. The karst cliffs are dotted throughout the region, and a boat trip is something you’ll never forget.

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D) Riding around Bali

Bali can be anything you want it to be. Whilst it’s true that Kuta may have been lost to the tourist hordes, there are plenty of other regions within Bali’s beautiful island that you can relax and feel at ease. Live volcanoes, sandy beaches, local culture. Bali is unbelievable value, check out all the various Holiday Packages available and you’ll be lounging in luxury at the fraction of the cost you’d expect. Enjoy.

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So bucket lists aren’t the exclusively for the wealthy, we mere mortals can also afford to live the dream, it just takes a little extra planning. Good luck.




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