Cambodia – The Land of Marvel and Wonder

Cambodia is by far one of the best places to visit if you want to see ancient ruins, historical sites from its recent history and also soak in the sun on sweeping beaches.

If you know about the history of Cambodia from the Pol Pot regime back in the 1970s then you’ll be amazed by how far this country has come since then. Cambodia has turned itself into what I think is the number one destination in southeast Asia. Many people turn to Thailand, but I personally would always opt for Cambodia.

I have seen both sides of travelling here – the luxurious boutique hotels and private beaches and the adventurous backpacking side. Having travelled through Cambodia with my brother and parents, on different occasions, I was able to experience both sides. After experiencing both sides I am going to have to say I’d take the luxury option everyday!

If you’re looking for luxury then you have no problem finding it in Cambodia – this can be verified by the fact that a certain Angelina Jolie travels there each year and stays in the finest hotels. Companies such as The Luxury Holiday Company are leading the way in travelling Cambodia in style. It is much easier to go through a great company such as this to make sure the you have stress free experience and get to experience Cambodia in all its wonder.

If you take a look at some of the example itineraries on their website, you’ll see what’s waiting for you once you arrive in Cambodia. Having someone plan the trip for you makes it much easier to sit back and relax, there’s no panic or hours of research to do because the experts have already done it for you.

There’s the opportunity, in Phnom Penh, to learn about the history of Cambodia and exactly what the nation went through only 40 years ago. It’s a very memorable day indeed but also important to keep in touch with the country that you are exploring.

From my trips to Cambodia I can tell you that you are sure to get a jaw dropping experience when you arrive at the magical Angkor wat – one of the most famous places on earth. You’ll spend a day strolling through mystical temples amazed by how such wonders could have been built all those years ago.

Have you ever been to Cambodia? I would absolutely love to hear your stories, tales, tips and favourite places to see. All you have to do is pop your thoughts and musings in the comment section below – I’m looking forward to reading them all.


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