Disasters travelers have abroad

When you envision yourself traveling abroad it probably includes visiting sandy beaches, interesting museums and delicious restaurants, right? Your vision probably does not include hospital trips, car accidents, police reports or sickness. However, you must be prepared for problems while traveling so you can hopefully avoid them or calmly handle them if they occur. Here is some advice to help ensure your trip abroad goes smoothly.


The most common accidents and problems

Auto accidentsmany travelers rent cars or motorbikes while they are visiting foreign countries, but doing so is a main cause of injury because travelers often aren’t familiar with the rules of the road, traffic patterns and the pace of driving. This is the most common type of accident that travelers are involved in.

Medical problemsthe common medical problems are food poisoning or sickness due to dehydration, water contamination or diseases carried by bugs native to the area.

Activity and sport injuriesmany people sustain injuries while engaging in water sports, rock climbing, horse riding and hiking, etc.

Personal accidents – these include slipping, tripping, falling, twisting ankles, etc.

How to avoid such problems

Prepare thoroughlybe fully informed about the place you are going to visit, before you get there. If you plan on driving, be sure to study the rules of the road in the country. This applies to all areas of travel. Remember, read up before you get there.

Go for a short driveno matter how comfortable you are driving make sure that you drive the car in a quiet area first, rather than setting off in the center of a city during rush hour.

Use public transportationif you are in a country infamous for crazy driving, use alternative transportation. Luckily, most cities operate efficient bus services, taxis, subway/sky train systems and various unique modes of transportation. Be informed about the local transportation situation before your visit.

Use trustworthy travel companiesif you are enlisting travel agencies to plan your trip or day trips make sure they are reliable. There are hundreds of reliable travel websites and guidebooks that can give you suggestions and recommendations for reliable services.

How to cope if the worst happens

Stay calmno matter what problem you face, do not panic. Even though you are traveling and in an unfamiliar area, there is always someone who can and will help you.

Seek professional medical attention immediatelyif you are in any type of accident, have food poisoning or mysterious symptoms, don’t wait, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Get contact information from anyone involved (witnesses included)ask for names, phone numbers, email addresses and insurance provider; better safe than sorry. Always ask for the name and contact information of workers you deal with at travel agencies, hotels and businesses. Be sure to take photos of the site of the incident.

File a police reportif you lose something or are in any type of accident, always file a police report. That way there is a written record stating what happened in your own words.

Save all paperworkno matter if it is receipts from the hospital, a police report or information regarding the parties involved; do not lose the proof.

Contact a specialist to help youthere are many car accident personal injury attorneys that would be happy to help you take the appropriate steps to pursue compensation for accidents abroad. You can file both personal injury compensation claims and various other accident and injury claims. There are countless hotlines and qualified professionals who can give you answers. Reach out to them, research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.



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