Enjoying Barcelona When Travelling With Kids

We need to see Barcelona as being perfect when referring to travelling with the entire family. The number of options that are available is simply huge at the moment. There are various attractions that are available and it is not at all difficult to find entertainment options for the entire family, all starting with the hotels en Barcelona Venezuela Cerca Del Aeropuerto. You even have kids related activities when you land in Barcelona so obviously, many others exist in the city.


In order to help and make sure that you will enjoy Barcelona even more when travelling with children, here are some locations that you absolutely need to include on the to-visit list:

The Barcelona Zoo

When it comes to European zoos, Barcelona is tremendous and there are various opportunities available. You should be sure that you have enough time to actually enjoy the zoo that you are about to visit and the children will need time to see all the animals that are there. Make sure that you visit the children zoo area since there are some riding facilities that kids will love.


This is an amusement park that is located right on top of Collserola Mountain. You want to go there because of the views and the adventure that is currently available. The climb will surely be awesome and an attraction in itself.

One tip that you should remember is that it is a good idea to get the ticket that allows access to all rides. That is true even if there are some rides that children under 1 meter high cannot be a part of. We say this because you do manage to save money when you do this.

The Aquarium

All kids love the Barcelona Aquarium. It is quite average and does not have that wow factor you would want to see and the entrance fee will be a little high but the truth is that children do find it to be really appealing so it should be considered.


Obviously, you do not go to Barcelona in order to visit the IMAX but there are cases in which the weather is not great and you do want to have some sort of backup in the unwanted event that you cannot visit some of the great outdoor locations. The IMAX is great since it offers many movies and you can easily find something that the kids will love.


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