Furnishing tips for a winter ski lodge

How do you feel as winter starts to take a grip? As you start to sense a chill in the air, do you feel inspired rather than lethargic? Do your thoughts turn to skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports? If so, ski lodge chic may well be for you.

 Furnishing tips for a winter ski lodge

Ski lodges and chalets have a style and ambience all of their own, and it can do much to make winter a cozy, welcoming experience. If you are fortunate enough to own a ski lodge, you will know what a wonderful and memorable setting it makes for holidays. Ski lodges are designed to maximize occupancy and warmth, bringing family and friends together in a relaxing environment.

This atmosphere is largely achieved through interior design and décor. Natural materials in rustic styles, colorful and opulent textiles (such as luxurious rugs), warm fireplaces and welcoming interiors are all key.


Wood is probably the defining element of ski lodge décor, and it is often used in walls, floors, ceilings and the exterior of such properties. It gives a sense of warmth and ages beautifully, so it is worth investing in quality wooden fittings, knowing that they will last.

Artisan furniture is an excellent way to bring wood into your ski lodge. If you are not in the market for a lodge of your own, but like the look, then wood provides an easy and versatile means of transforming your home. Why not consider cladding a feature wall or ceiling of your living space, or having waxed wooden floorboards in your home? With the addition of just a few rustic ornaments, such as a mirror or antiqued picture frame, you can bring the ski lodge atmosphere into virtually any house or apartment.


If you have a ski lodge, no doubt you want to enjoy those snowy vistas as often and as fully as possible. Many modern lodges have wrap-around glass in at least one room, where two or three of the walls are glazed from head to foot. This can create stunning effects and is similarly effective in more day-to-day settings, especially if you live at some altitude or amid a striking landscape, either urban or rural. For best effects, use blinds or shutters with such extra-large windows: this allows you to tailor the level of light, and sometimes the temperature, to your own requirements.


Texture is very important to the ski lodge look since it is all too easy to work to a “prototype” and end up with a space that is appropriate, but lacking character. Mixing textures with various fabrics (for example, rugs, cushions and soft furnishings) is an easy way to ring the changes and stamp your own identity on the place. Wall hangings, in textured fabrics or mixed media, are another way to both add an extra layer of insulation and create interest and, of course, you can introduce texture and interest with furniture, particularly if it is antique.

The ski lodge lifestyle is one to which many people aspire, and with just a little thought and inspiration, it is one that can be introduced to almost any home, even if it is many miles from the mountains!




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