How to Holiday in St Barts


St. Barts or ‪Saint Barthélemy is a place that is known to be frequented by celebrities for some time, particularly due to its picturesque scenery and luxury accommodation. Read on to find out more about what exactly it is that St. Barts has to offer and the reason why celebrities like Kim Kardashion and Jay Z flock there every year.


One of the many reasons tourists and celebrities flock to this place is due to the amazing scenery that St. Barts has to offer. It has a warm, tropical climate that is combined with squeaky, white sand beaches and the bluest water you could possibly imagine. This is one of the true drawcards of the place and renting an oceanfront holiday villa in St. Barts could be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, while you may not be a celebrity there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same sort of luxury accommodation as them and feel just like they do whilst on holiday

Things to do

This may be a small island, but that does not mean that you will be lacking things to do. A great way to explore the item is on a scooter, perhaps if you are feeling more adventurous you could go snorkelling or scuba diving in the stunning reefs that surround the island.

You can also do things like charter a boat and see the smaller surrounding islands that make this a truly unique location.

Make sure you venture into the capital, Gustavia, to experience some great shopping, bars and restaurants.


St Barts still has much of a French influence and the food is no exception to this. Being located in the Carribbean there is also an abundance of fresh fish and tropical fruits and vegetables that make for a totally unique food experience. Be sure to try some of the local fare, as well as some high end restaurants.

Also with so many people from different places taking time off from their busy lives in St Barts, you can get almost any kind of food that you desire.

Night time

There are a variety of bars and clubs situated throughout the island, so there is always something to do at night. If you get really lucky you may even be able to go to one of the many parties held by celebrities, make sure you speak to someone with some connections and you may just get there.

You can find out more about this wonderful island on the St. Barts tourism board website.


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