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More famous for its gambling than anything else, Las Vegas in Nevada is also home to some of the best shows you can find anywhere in the world. Whenever anyone thinks of shows in Vegas, the first name that rolls off anyones tongue is usually that of Frank Sinatra or the late, great Elvis Presley and his famous run of bi-annual shows in the late 1960’s until 1976 at the Las Vegas Hilton. On a more up to date scale though, the city still attracts some of the best performers and singers the world has to offer. Below are some suggestions for a few performances you might want to take a look at should you visit Las Vegas in the near future.

From a musical point of view you are pretty much spoilt for choice here with a number of shows on offer commemorating the lives of some of the best performers in the world. Probably the most popular is going to be the Michael Jackson tribute, One. This is currently running at the Mandalay Bay hotel and has seating for just over 1800 people. The show features performances by the famous Cirque du Soleil group and is played out to a string of Jacksons greatest hits. Described as being not as quirky as other Cirque performances, the show has been a best seller on the strip so advance booking here is a must.

If you have had enough of performance musical arts and want something more traditional in Vegas, then what could be more entertaining than a bit of magic. There have been numerous magicians gracing the stages of Las Vegas, none more so than the great David Copperfield who if not mistaken once made a whole hotel disappear. Currently running at the Rio is Penn and Teller show. If it seems like this show has been there forever, well it has. It is in fact the longest! The good thing about Penn and Teller is that they manage to combine their magical prowess with a good deal of humor making their mesmerizing performances great to watch.

Finally, a performance you might want to see that involves absolutely nobody at all takes place at the Bellagio Hotel every day. It is of course the famous fountain show. With over a thousand fountains dancing in time to a variety of musical genres, the fountains are worth standing in the outside heat of Vegas. Who would have thought watching water could be so much fun.   


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