Luxury beats budget every time

I know I love budget travel, roughing it around some of the most amazing countries has been a fantastic experience there is no doubting that. But as the years have gone on I have started to really appreciate luxury, the most important of those luxuries on the road is accommodation. When you go and stay in a top class hotel or boutique hotel you just feel great, you get a great sense of comfort and relaxation. I only have to look back at my last visit when I looked at Luxury hotels Marrakech, I was blown away by the quality and the attention to detail in Marrakech I will most definitely be going back! 


Yes, I love budget hostels but here are my 3 reasons why I think that luxury beats budget hands down each and every time!


From the bed, to the carpet, to the towels to the smell everything in a luxury hotel makes you feel comfortable. The first thing I like to do in a luxury hotel is jump on to the bed, the second your body hits the sheets you can feel the quality of the cotton sheets and the spring in the mattress. Then there’s the bathroom, which is usually very spacious, there will be no markings or stains everything will be pristine. i especially love the fact that most hotels have a rain shower, heaven after a long day of exploring!

The Staff

It is unfair to say that staff in a budget hotel because they are great. The fact is that when you are paying more money for a hotel you can expect the staff to be trained to higher level, they usually have great language skills and excellent customer service. No job is too big or small and what ever your request it usually get sorted very quickly or they will point you in the right direction.

Everything is easy

From the free airport transfers, smooth checkin and great breakfast everything is just easier in a luxury hotel. One of the best things is that everyone know where it is, I know this sounds simple but it makes getting back to your hotel so much easier than a small budget hostel. Every taxi driver will know the hotel, so you won’t have to pull the map out of the bag and try to direct him in the general direction of the hotel. When you arrive in a new country it is always great if there is a car waiting to take you to the hotel, the last thing you want to do after a long flight is try to find a taxi and they try not to get ripped off!


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