How To Better Your Commute Home

Rush hour – It’s nearly as painful as a trip to the dentist to have teeth pulled but for most being stuck in the dead static piles of traffic is a daily occurrence we just grit our teeth at and bear. But often times there is no need to rush home, there is nothing there but a TV waiting for, so why rush home. Of course people have obligations, partner, children, pet, duties, whatever it may be sometime we really do need to rush home but not always. So if you find yourself frantically making your way home each day when there isn’t a dire need why not look at some of the things you could do until rush hour dies down before you head home.


Take a Class

You’ve just spent the entire day at work but why not use the extra time you’d be sitting in your car to learn a new skill or language. A great way of doing this is by hiring a tutor to come to you after work. You can meet them at your office or somewhere close by and begin learning. Often learning a language with a tutor makes the learning process much faster.


Gym/ Exercise

Have a gym or workout studio close to your work? Why not get a membership and begin exercising after work. Go straight to the gym and spend 30-60 minutes getting in shape and staying healthy. You’ll feel good about yourself and it’s time that would have been spent sitting in your vehicle stressed out.



Most likely there is a program in your city or town that needs volunteers a few nights a week or month. If you can find one close to the office and head there after work you’d be doing your community a great deal of help and again not wasting time. There are so many in need in every community. Make a difference by helping out.


Walk or Read in the Park

If you’ve been pent up in an office building for the last 8 hours it would prob be a nice idea to get some fresh air and sunlight. Head out to a nearby park and enjoy the rest of the daylight. Sit on a bench and read a book, take a stroll through the grounds or  just watch the world go by. It’s a great stress reliever and will relax you from the hecticness of the day.



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