Making the Most Out of Night-time Budapest

Whilst you are on your trip to Budapest you will want to make the most of the vibrant nightlife that you will find there. So after your day of sightseeing make sure that you save the energy to get on out there and discover the eclectic offerings that are available to you.

Pace Yourself – the Night is Young:

The real partying does not get going in Budapest until about 11pm so take it easy so that you do not run out of steam before it takes off. It is worth considering starting somewhere like the fashionable Liszt Ferenc Square which is crammed full of bars and restaurants – both indoors and outdoors. Its relaxed atmosphere means that you can chill out with a few drinks or cocktails and a meal, before perhaps moving on to the nearby theatres or the opera house if you would like to take in some culture before hitting the clubs and bars later on in the evening.

Another good starting point for visitors and locals alike is Raday Utca, often referred to as the Budapest Soho. It is full of bars, cafes, galleries and restaurants mostly with a contemporary feel, and there will be something there amongst the beautiful buildings that line the street to suit everyone. It is frequented by students from the nearby university. For those of you who also appreciate their food it is also home to Costes the first Restaurant in Budapest to receive a Michelin Star. Well worth a visit.

Variety is The Spice of Life:

There are many different types of bars and clubs to cater to all tastes. The city has a vibrant, exciting nightlife and will not disappoint, especially in the summer months when ‘ruin pubs’ appear. These are by their very nature transitory and take over previously abandoned buildings, turning them into local hotspots. They usually appear in the summer months and attract both the locals and the tourists. For something a little bit more themed and as there is a large ex-pat community in Budapest, there are several Irish bars serving beers and whiskeys. Alternatively, for those of you seeking something a little smoother there are always the Jazz Bars such as The Jazz Garden where you will find musical talent from all over the world.

Getting The Groove On:

Once you have finished the slower, relaxed part of the evening, the night carries on into a party atmosphere and many bar and clubs stay open into the wee small hours. Be prepared to need a lie-in as Budapest is well known for its clubbing scene. Why not start at A38, an old Ukranian stone-carrier boat, now converted into a club and residing on the Danube River. It is known for its live music with a good mix of music types and DJs. There are also many other places such as the Godor Klub which includes a club, concerts and an outdoor pub, Tuzraker, which doubles as a film club and alternative theatre and Corvinteto a lively and vibrant dance club.

All in all there is so much to do and see in Budapest that it is worth doing some research up front if you only have limited time there. Nights out in Budapest are always ones to remember, you might just need to find some ways to boost your energy before you go in order to keep up with the diverse city!

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