Mind the gap? Grab the gap!

A gap year or career break as it is also known, isn’t just for students. Ok so a whole year might be a bit extreme for some people but a few months away from your job could be just the kick you need to experience new horizons, learn new skills, and get your head back in the right frame of mind to take you to the next level.

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Of course, it’s not just as simple as taking off for a year when you have responsibilities and bills to pay, and this kind of break requires planning and budgeting, and saving money wherever possible. A good way to do just that is to avoid the need for expensive and stressful travel plans with regards to getting to your destination, such as public transport. Book airport parking with specialists Park BCP, and you will save cash and save yourself the trauma of high stress levels. I regularly book Jetparks at Manchester for that particular reason, and I also find the convenience of it second to none. Certainly look at what extras, like these, are available at your airport, as any cash saved when you’re budgeting will go a long way indeed.

It’s not all about budgeting for your bills whilst you’re away, as you’re going to need money to live on during your break. Volunteering is a very popular career break activity, but obviously you won’t get paid for it, however most of the time your accommodation and basic meals will be included, so your outgoings will be very little. The cost will also be nothing compared to the sense of achievement you’ll gain.

If you’ve ever wanted to work with wildlife, then volunteering at a sanctuary or park in Africa or Asia could be the trip of a lifetime for you. There are also opportunities to work with koalas and kangaroos in Australia, or marine-life in the Galapagos Islands and South America.

It’s not all about wildlife either, as you can volunteer in a school in Africa, teach English as a second language in many different countries if you hold relevant qualifications, help build houses, and in the case of an Australian gap year, you could do anything from fruit picking to working in a restaurant! The choices are endless, and obviously if you go down the Australian gap year route, you will be in paid employment, so do check with your current employer if this is allowed under your career break terms and conditions, as some don’t allow you to work during your time away.

Of course, it might just be that you want to go somewhere different and experience the way of life for a few months, immerse yourself in another country and culture, and learn a language as you go. If this is the case, then your options are endless, and the only thing you need to consider is the visa issue. Some countries will only let you stay for a few months on a tourist visa, such as three months etc, and to stay longer you may need to apply for a residency permit or similar. Look into all this with the Consulate of the country you’re intending to visit, and make sure you’re up to date well before you go.

A career break/gap year isn’t just a long holiday, it’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and think through your next step in life.


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