Options Available When Parking at Luton Airport

There are many options available for airport parking and choosing the right one to suit your pocket and your plans can play a key element in how well you ultimately enjoy a holiday.

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Sometimes finding the most suitable airport parking can be stressful so here is a brief explanation of just some of the options that are on offer to customers.

On-site parking

These are the car parks that are owned by the airport itself and are commonly operated by the British Airports Authority. On-site parking is sub divided into three sections: long-term, mid-term and short-term areas.

Off-site parking

Off-site parking is another alternative. These are car parks that are not situated in the airport complex itself. Having said this, off-site parking can in some instances be closer to terminal buildings in comparison to the on-site car parks.

Luton airport parking is provided by an array of 3rd party companies who specialise in local car parking and offer free regular transport to the terminal. Most of the off-site car parking options are cost effective and can in most cases be just as quick as other alternatives.

Meet and greet

Meet and greet is whereby you drive your car to your departing terminal and a driver will meet you there, take your keys and drive your car to a secure car park. When you return home from your trip, your car will be there waiting for you.

It is an attractive and an exceptional service but it comes with a big price in comparison to other options.

Local resident parking

People and businesses who live and operate in close proximity to Luton airport have offered spare driveways or empty parking spaces to those who are interested. This is generally the cheapest option to go for but lacks in the areas of transfers and tight security.

So, those are the options available for Luton airport parking and here are factors to consider when choosing the right one to suit you:

  • Transfer time is one of the most important factors to think about as if you don’t make it to the terminal on time, there is no holiday. You need to be sure of the estimated transfer time and also how often shuttle buses run from the car park to your departure terminal.
  • The level of security offered will play a significant element of your final decision. Most car parks offer 24 hour CCTV surveillance and have security guards on patrol. As mentioned above, local resident parking will be less secure.
  • What happens if something unexpected comes up and you have to cancel? Most companies will guarantee a refund on parking costs if you cancel within 24 hours of your specified arrival time.



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