Six things not to forget when planning a stag weekend celebration at the seaside

When chosen to be the best man at a wedding, one of the most important pre-ceremony tasks to be performed is the organisation of the groom’s stag party. If a whole stag weekend is being planned, here are six things not to forget.
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To be asked to be the best man at a wedding is a tremendous honour, albeit an honour that comes with many responsibilities. It has long been a tradition for the groom to enjoy a stag party with his male friends and family but only in recent years has it become popular for these former one night events to extend to an entire weekend. If you are a best man whose groom has decided he wants to celebrate his last days of bachelorhood on a weekend at the seaside, here are six tips to help make it a memorable occasion.

1. Check destination 
This may seem obvious but it is surprising how many stag parties set off for a weekend of fun and frolics, only to find the destination they have chosen is either not suitable or does not encourage such events. Makes sure the chosen location has plenty of bars which are happy to accept all male parties.

2. Check accommodation 
There are many seaside hotels and boarding houses today which do not welcome all male parties in their establishments. This is obviously a major concern if the party is going to last for a whole weekend. Before booking accommodation in advance, make it a priority to double-check the occupancy rules.

3. House rules 
You certainly do not want to put too much of a dampener on proceedings before they get underway but sometimes it is a good idea to let everyone know what the groom is happy or not happy to do during the weekend. This could save some aggravation later on as this unfortunate story from The Sun reveals (

4. To dress up or not? 
Decide before you set off whether the stag weekend is going to involve dressing up. According to The Yorkshire Post (, stag and hen parties in fancy dress have had an influence in other areas of our culture too.

5. Transport 

How are you all going to get to your chosen destination and then back home again? Are you all travelling together or separately? These details need to be finalised in advance.

6. Have fun
Whether the stag party is enjoyed at a lively pace or with a more sedately air, the most important thing of all is that everybody, particularly the groom, has a wonderful time.

To help ease the pressure on the best man to organise a stag do from start to finish, it can often be worthwhile to bring in some experts to help. There are many companies around today, such as, which organise stag and hen parties to suit all manner of tastes and sizes of budget.



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