The Benefits of Walking Tours in London

I’m writing this from the perspective of someone visiting London who is a tourist. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that as a matter of fact these walking tours are something that hold value for residents of London too. None of us can say that we know everything about the place that we live, and it is surprising what you can find out when you tag along on one of these tours.


It’s the Healthy Alternative:

If you are fit and active, a walking tour is one of the most interactive ways of seeing a city. You get much more of an experience than if you were sat on a bus or boat. You can touch things as you go past, speak to people and go into shops and pubs along the way. It allows you to partake of some good old fresh air and exercise and once you have finished the tour you will probably be ready to grab yourself some food and relax. There are many variations of the London Walking Tour with many being themed. You will find ghostly antics, criminal behaviour and East End Tours galore. You just have to decide which area you want to cover and what type of experience you want.

A Learning experience:

The tour guides who perform the tours tend to know their stuff. People who visit London have often done some reading up front or have heard about various aspects of London’s history. Therefore, the tour guides have to be able to answer visitor’s questions with professionalism and a depth of knowledge. You often find that the guides are quick witted and good at storytelling with a flair for drama. This tends to make the whole experience a fun and educational one, often good for children, but obviously this will depend on the particular theme of the walk that you select.

Get Your Bearings:

A walking tour is also a good way to get to know the area that you are in. London is a vast and often confusing city if you are new to it. It is an idea if you have just moved to the area, and are not just visiting, to pop along to some walking tours as it will give you a good idea of your surroundings and how to navigate local areas. It will also give you something to tell the family about your new home when they come to visit. Using walking tours to get to know the city that you are in on the first day or two of a holiday is a fabulous idea as it gives you some confidence in a strange new place and also allows you to make some new friends along the way too.

There are many walking tours available to you in London. Have a browse and choose one of the many themes. There is bound to be one that appeals.


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