The best tourist attractions in Turkey

If you are looking for a country that has it all then look no further than Turkey. I have just returned from 6 weeks travelling east to west across the whole of Turkey and I am here to tell you that you have to visit as soon as you can. Whether you enjoy sitting on the beach, looking out over beautiful skylines like the one in Istanbul, strolling around historical ruins or trekking in the mountains by the Eastern Black Sea, it really is all here! Holidays to Turkey are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people read about just how good Turkey is as a holiday destination. Now is the best time to book your holiday because early in the year is when you will find the best travel deals on offer, if you see one of these great deals then do not hesitate, make sure you book them as soon as possible. I don’t think it will take much to persuade people to choose Turkey for their next holiday, bit just incase you are still hesitant here are some of the best tourist attractions that are waiting for you in Turkey.



Without doubt this is one of the most amazing places that I visited in Turkey, I was completely blown away when I saw this place. Pamukkale means cotton castle, you will see why it has been given this name when you visit. It isĀ  a beautiful area that is full of hot springs, you can even take a dip in them if you are feeling adventurous. You will also be able to see some fantastic historical ruins; the baths, temples and coutnless other monuments can bee seen here. This is a must visit!

Hagia Sophia

For many people, this is the number tourist attraction in the whole of Turkey. It isn’t difficult to see why it is so popular, it is a truly spectacular engineering feat. The Hagia Sophia is now a museum, it was transformed in to a museum back in 1935. It so big that is was the largest enclosed space int he world for over one thousand years! It was first built for Justinian I, he was an Easter Roman Emperor all the way back in the sixth century. It’s a bay place but well worth the visit.


Another absolutely must see! It is difficult to compare this place to anywhere else on the planet, make sure you have your camera at the ready. You will be snapping so many pictures that you will have to charge your camera again every night, you will also have to empty the memory card as well. Don’t believe me? Well, wait until you visit. The main attraction in Cappadocia are the natural rock formations. The chimneys, as thy are know, were created by wind and also water erosion, what was created is one of the most spectacular natural sites you will see. If your budget allows you will be able to take a hot air balloon ride which you allow you some spectacular views.


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