The Best Ways to Travel Around New Zealand

A holiday to New Zealand is filled with opportunity for adventurous, self-directed travel. Forget about those packaged holiday tours; this is your chance to rent your own wheels and see this incredible country at your own pace. But first, it takes careful research and planning to find the most efficient and cost-effective transportation options out there, so your trip can go on without a hitch. Check out some of the top ways to get around New Zealand:



Traveling by bus around New Zealand is well-organized and designed to fill your holiday with ease and peace of mind. If you don’t feel like driving during your holiday, just go along for the ride on one of the many schedules bus routes throughout New Zealand. If you rent one of the great holiday houses throughout the country, you can enjoy traveling by bus on day trips through the surrounding areas.

Car Hire

For independent travel at a reasonable cost, consider renting a car to travel around New Zealand. Auckland Car Hire is one company that will provide you a full scale of car rental options. The cost depends on what kind of vehicle you need; a small car is find for just a few travelers, while a larger family might need a van or SUV. With a car hire, you’re completely independent to explore the country at your own speed, without the obnoxious schedule of a packaged tour.


With New Zealand caravan rentals, you can travel at your own pace with the added bonus that you can literally stay wherever you stop. There are plenty of amazing spots in rugged nature in New Zealand where accommodations might not be available- but this is no problem! Your caravan is perfect equipped for adventurous nights out in nature. Enjoy an independent schedule and spontaneous journey with this type of travel.



If you’re short on time and don’t want to waste your days traveling by bus, car or caravan, flying could be a good choice for traveling throughout New Zealand. Go with Air New Zealand, the country’s major domestic carrier, for flights covering the entire country. There are also smaller carriers which provide coverage to some of the other outlying islands. So for traveling from the north island to the south island or visa versa, flights are a great option to get you there without delay. You can also find flights to Sydney, and many other Australian cities, if you wish to extend your travel plan and explore the continental landscape. You could find out more about the two neighbored countries cultural similarities and differences. Both countries have unbelievable territories to see and histories to share. Which one do you think you’ll prefer?



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