Top entertainment to brighten the dullest journey

Whilst taking a long-distance journey can do wonders for broadening our minds and giving us a whole new lust for life, there’s no denying the fact that long journeys can be massively boring!

Thankfully many airports and some airlines now have free Wi-Fi which, with these great entertainment apps and websites, can help make even the most arduous trip strangely enjoyable!

One of the most fun things to do at an airport is to keep track of the endless amount of flights that are coming in and out of your terminal. And this has been made much more exhilarating thanks to the Flight Tracker 24 app that shows just how busy our skies are and how soon you should be heading off to your exotic travel destination.

However, if you’re of a somewhat nervous disposition, then the Mindfulness Daily app could be a better option. This great little app can do wonders in soothing your nerves thanks to its ability to grant you a perfect fifteen-second pause to gather your thoughts and calm your breathing in a way that can make even the most hectic airport a lot more manageable.

But for those who are seeking a little more stimulation, then the current range of online games could be a good bet. In particular Terraria has become a huge global hit for the way that it can provide a way to build worlds and wage war in a way that’s endlessly entertaining.

Whilst Terraria can prove to be an immersive way to spend your journey, for those who are seeking just a quick game of poker, then Coral’s casino website is a good option as it has these added incentives for loyal gamers that can add up to provide you with a little extra holiday cash should you get lucky!

Other traditional games that have been given a 21st century upgrade include 8 Ball Pool for iOS and Android devices that’s also got some great eight-player tournaments that are a lot of fun if you’re travelling with a group of friends.

And finally for the world-weary traveller who thinks that they’ve seen it all, who could refuse the charms of Goat Simulator that’s managed to help every smartphone user live the life of a goat from the comfort of your airplane seat.

So whether you’re racking up the winnings with online poker, or just making a mess as an artificial goat, there’s a world of fun to be had via your smartphone on your travels!



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