My top reasons for loving the Cheltenham Festival

The 2015 Cheltenham Festival will soon be upon us, it’s one of the biggest events in the UK sporting and culture calendar! The atmosphere in Cheltenham is unrivalled and one of the best that I have experienced. Each and every year the race goers are treated to the seeing the finest European race horses in action as well as some fantastic shows.


I am still surprised by the amount of people that I meet who have not heard of the festival let alone visit it. I would urge you to head there this year, dress up, have a bet, enjoy the party and then check the Cheltenham festival 2015 results to see if you have winnings to pick up. If you need persuading to visit then here are my top 3 reasons why the festival is one that you have to visit at least once.

The Races

This is the main reason why the majority of people head to the festival, the races are world class! Usually the races are very hotly contested and are nail biting! You have some of the finest horse races in the world to watch which include the Gold Cup and also the World hurdle.

The Fashion

The scone day of the festival is called Ladies Day, and this when both men and women really like to go to town and show off their style and taste in fashion. It’s a great opportunity to wear something that you wouldn’t usually put on be daring and have a great day.

The Atmosphere

If you haven’t been to the festival it is pretty tough to put into words just has great the vibe is throughout the course. Everyone is having a great time, the crowds are always in good voice and people love to enjoy the party once the sun goes down.

If you have friends who have been to the festival you just need to ask them about their time there, you will see a smile come across their face a remember what a special time they had! So organise a trip with your friends and have a time to you will never forget!


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