Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Extensive, It Just Has to Be Travel

There’s no denying that getting on a long-haul flight and exploring a completely different place and culture can open your mind and do wonders for your personality, however if this isn’t quite in your budget, don’t discount traveling locally. For those budget minded explorers looking to get out on a restrictive budget, here are some tips for local travel.


Last Minute Flights

Did you know that if an airline isn’t able to fill a flight then they often reduce the price dirt cheap to get a person in the seat? The key is to be flexible and ready go to. Whether with a partner or by yourself, commit to a weekend away without any plans. Pack your bags on Friday morning before work and spend a few hours during the day looking for flights airlines are trying to fill. While these are usually local trips that aren’t common enough to fill a plane, a less than common destination could be just what you need. The further you can get out of your comfort zone, the better.


Don’t Be Afraid to Road-Trip It

If flying isn’t for you or isn’t in your budget, contact your local and surrounding tourist centers and explore your own country by road. Grab a couple of friends, some Groupon coupons for handy car accessories in the event you break down, and hit the road for a short weekend away. Even if it’s camping by a lake in a place neither of you have been, exploring what’s around you can have great effects on your mind and your well-being.


Hiking Can Take You Farther Than You Think

Do you see all your friends taking pictures of great views while they travel. Just because they’re expansive beaches and skyline views doesn’t mean they had to travel far away. Look up hiking paths in states close to yours, grab the car, drive to a great camping site and hike the rest of the way. While you may not be immersing yourself in a different culture, you’re immersing yourself in views and comradery that only experiences like travel can provide.


Just because you aren’t going far doesn’t mean you aren’t traveling, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. As long as you’re broadening your horizons and visiting places you usually wouldn’t, your mind is being opened – and that’s what travel is all about.


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