Weird and Wonderful Places to Travel for Artists

The hope of discovering a weird and wonderful new landscape, restaurant, hotel, person or location is one of the things that encourage people to travel and explore new places. It’s about the discovery of something extraordinary. This desire for adventure and taste for the novel is part of the joy of travelling.

Some strange places that make fantastic holiday destinations include the ice hotels of Sweden, a log cabin in Alaska or maybe a trip to British Columbia’s spotted lake or a journey to see the world’s largest carved Buddha in Sichuan. There are so many weird places that make great holiday destinations — not only for their beauty, but also for their uniqueness, an ingredient which can create memories to treasure forever.

Bizarre Destinations Have Artistic Potential

Many of these bizarre and stunning places make perfect destinations to discover a love of art. The distinctiveness of a rare location with wonderful vistas gives the travelling artist a unique opportunity to create an interesting piece of art from first-hand experience.

Surrealists particularly might find great inspiration from rare and peculiar sights in the strangest holiday destinations. An article in The Guardian examines some exciting art works that have been dubbed the ‘weirdest’ in the world. Budding artists could enjoy some of this kind of creative vision by being inspired by strange holiday destinations.

The art materials needed for a trip of this kind can vary depending on the art work, but can include oils, watercolours, pastels, chalks and pencils. It is important to find the right type of materials, such as those available at, as these will make all the difference to the artwork produced, and high-quality materials can improve the final result immeasurably.

The Spotted Lake of British Columbia

The Spotted Lake of British Columbia makes the perfect place for a relaxing break and the ideal spot for water-based artwork. This distinctive lake is covered in bizarre spots, created by the existence of the dense minerals in the water. Although most people would think a watercolour would suit this scene best, with the soft colours recreating the subtle natural spots on the lake, this can be brought into a stronger focus by the use of oils.

Some people think the Spotted Lake has healing properties, and due to abnormal numbers of visitors a special screen has been erected to stop people bathing in the lake. However, it can be clearly seen from a short distance away and is still an excellent place for artists to seek a distinctive and beautiful painting.

Travel with Art Supplies to Take Advantage of the Scenery

If travellers take their art materials in their suitcases, they can unpack and explore the artistic potential of every destination they find themselves in. This can mean a great variety of opportunities for artworks, from tranquil mountain scenes to busy cities. Sometimes an unusual scene can present itself in the most unlikely of locations, so it is worth carrying a pen and sketchbook in your bag if you have the inclination.

One famous location with a weird and wonderful visual appeal is the Wave on the Colorado Plateau in the United States. This is a sandstone rock formation which has been formed by the wind into an incredible wave pattern. This would be perfect for an artwork in the surrealist style with its shapes and strange optical illusory effects.

There is great potential for beautiful scenes in most places on earth, but some have that extra weird aspect that lend itself to an art work.


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