Zimbabwe: 6 Exciting Sights and Activities

Tourism in Zimbabwe has resurfaced after a decade of political unrest and economic disaster. It’s a good thing, too: the beautiful country has a plethora of parks, World Heritage Sites and natural wonders to be explored. Don’t let anything deter you, there’s something for everyone in Zimbabwe. Follow the lead of the huge numbers of other tourists travelling to this phenomenal country each year and move it right to the top of your bucket list! Check out these six exciting activities to add some thrill-factor to your trip.

  1. Take the ‘Flight of the Angels’ over the Victoria Falls


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The world-renowned Victoria Falls is breathtaking from the ground, so seeing the thunderous cascades from a helicopter is simply unbeatable. The 15 minute ‘Flight of the Angels’ trip allows you to see the falls from all angles, and takes you nearer than any other aircraft can fly, too. You’d be crazy not to do it.

  1. Take a houseboat tour on Lake Kariba

One of the largest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Kariba is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular tourist destinations. Take a sunset houseboat cruise for the ultimate relaxing trip full of wildlife-spotting and beautiful scenery – you may even spot some elephants!

  1. Brave white water rafting on the Zambezi River

Not one for the faint hearted, take a trip on the beautiful Zambezi River and experience the exhilarating rapids first hand. With full day, half day and multiday trips available, you can travel along this amazing river for as long as you have the time, at your own pace. There are five ‘grades’ of rapids, so everyone can do it, and all equipment – and food and drink on longer trips – is provided.

  1. Ride horseback through Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park is one of Africa’s most exciting parks for wildlife – home to 105 mammal species, many predators, endangered species and a vast array of birdlife – and covers just over 14,600 square kilometres. The perfect way to do safari? On horseback. Ride from waterhole to waterhole along elephant paths, spotting some of Zimbabwe’s most incredible wildlife along the way, including zebra, giraffe, buffalo, white rhino and maybe even a lion or two.

  1. Hike in the Chimanimani Mountains

At Chimanimani National Park, the remarkable Chimanimani Mountains form the border with Mozambique and offer the perfect opportunity to feel at one with nature. Adventurous travellers and hiking-lovers can explore the ancient crystalline rock formations and the breathtaking beauty of the pristine surroundings. There’s so much to do at these mountains, from hiking and rock climbing to birding, and visitors can camp in caves surrounded by natural pools and waterfalls. Easier routes are an option for those who just want to revel in Chimanimani’s serenity, while more challenging terrain is also available for more experienced hikers.

  1. Visit World’s View (Malindidzimu Hill)


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Take the short climb up Malindidzimu Hill in Nyanga to feast your eyes on one of Zimbabwe’s most breathtaking sights; the aptly named World’s View gives you a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding hills and planes. Giant boulders contrast with the grassy terrain of the park; it’s almost cartoonlike in appearance, and a certain peacefulness surrounds the area. One for the hikers, nature lovers, and geocachers, too!

Why visit Zimbabwe? Well, with so much to do and see, why would you not?



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